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Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling’s Wedding Cost $350,000

Saving money with a DIY wedding is a smart choice for most people looking to save money for more realistic things like investing or purchasing a home. Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling recently had a very lavish wedding in Atlanta which cost $350,000. I wonder if her mom Michelle Pigford had any input? You might know Eva Marcille from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and America’s Top Model. There was an amazing selection of very expensive dresses and a gigantic flower arrangement that may have cost as much as a small wedding. Marcille had originally planned on spending around $80,000, but quickly realized that was not in the cards for her vision. Eva was insistent that everyone in attendance was dressed accordingly, even proclaiming a no ankles policy. Apparently a few people did not heed this rule and showed up in a cocktail dress. Eva’s beautiful gown was from the Daughters of Nonyelum International Haute Couture and Hollywood Royal Showroom. The guest list was supposed to be 150, but 239 people ended up showing up, which is a serious case of wedding crashers! She did a good job of one of our rules of keeping the venue small, but when it comes to celebrities, you never know what might happen. This brings up an interesting fact about social media. If you have a large social media presence, certain people might find out that you are getting married and actually request an invite, or suddenly get back in touch at a peculiar time. It could be awkward to have to decline somebody’s request to be invited to your wedding, but it’s perfectly fine when you consider the cost involved. You may need to put your foot down and be a bridezilla! Check out some of their wedding photos and more info in this article at Essence Magazine.


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